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Whether you are a market entrant, local or a global leader, Worldwide Partnerships delivers unique platforms in the upcoming markets of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Turkey to help encourage knowledge of future opportunities and win new business.

How can you get the most out of each opportunity?

  • Dynamic agendas focused on latest key issues and real opportunities
  • Structured networking breaks encouraging effective meeting periods
  • Exhibition and marketing areas
  • Partnerships with leading associations, national and international press
  • Enhance your brand visibility with bespoke sponsorship packages
  • Participate as a feature speaker and demonstrate your expertise to high quality decision makers
  • By attending, effectively utilise your time and money to meet more business prospects at the same time in one place

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[wwps_dropcap size=”0,1″]What we do at Worldwide Partnerships[/wwps_dropcap]Roundtable Discussions

RoundtableAs a sponsor of one of Worldwide Partnerships’ roundtable discussions, we will work together to enable you to effectively meet potential new clients, customers and partners in professional, high quality surroundings.

Whether you are looking to meet prospective clients, further develop relationships with existing business partners, gain brand exposure or have a platform to launch your new product; our roundtable discussions provide an excellent, intimate way to accomplish your business objectives.

Worldwide Partnerships’ roundtable discussions encourage more focused pre-arranged debate on or around specific topics of interest to individually hand-picked pre-qualified participants. The smaller number of participants in comparison to a conference meeting, and the structured layout of a roundtable discussion encourages maximum level of interactivity and problem-solving. Most especially, since the agenda has been created by participants themselves, there is a vested interest by all involved.

Your sponsorship of a roundtable discussion does not end with the close of the “face-to-face” discussion; this is just the beginning of communication, and merely a starting touch-point for your potential business collaboration. With follow up emails, whitepaper distribution, and further promotion of your roundtable, this is the perfect opportunity to develop your professional network and maintain your expert industry position.

Benefits of a prearranged roundtable:

  • Privately contracted events
  • Hand selected, pre-qualified participants
  • Pro-active and pre-organised business debate
  • Platform for relaxed exchange of knowledge and business ideas
  • Insightful discussion with peers
  • Secure continued relationships with clients throughout the year via multiple touch points
  • Benefit from annual advertising

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[wwps_dropcap size=”0,1″]What we do at Worldwide Partnerships[/wwps_dropcap]Dinners and Private Meetings

yemekWhether you are looking to meet new clients, develop existing relationships, or have a unique platform to launch a new product, project or service; Worldwide Partnerships’ private business events provide an excellent opportunity to enhance and support your marketing communications strategy.

By facilitating new introductions and honest discussion in a relaxed and open environment, see how much further your business objectives can be realised via our bespoke services.

Why choose a private business meeting?

  • Great way to make new business introductions
  • Be on equal footing with your potential clients
  • Perfect platform for confidential meetings
  • Create a shared experience
  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Exclusive environment




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