Sebastian Wedeniwski

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      • Title: Chief Technology Officer
      • Company: IBM
      • Country: Germany / Japan

    Sebastian Wedeniwski

    Dr. Sebastian Wedeniwski is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Technology Officer for IBM’s global Industrial Sector, where he is leading the technical strategy for data centric business models. He is passionate in creating new solutions that address connected lifestyle experiences for physical and virtual mobility demands of the industries.

    Sebastian has more than 23 years experience in the IT and 14 years in the Automotive Industry. He has a strong reputation recognized globally within and outside IBM as a member of IBM’s Technology Leadership Team, IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team, and the IBM Industry Academy.

    In 2008, Sebastian received an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his Technical Advisor Leadership at Daimler. In 2014, he received a major IBM OTAA for building an Automotive Cloud platform enabling new business models in the Automotive Industry. In 2015, Sebastian received an Invention Plateau Award with patents filed for automotive solutions, e.g. vehicle recommendation based on personalized language, fleet system to dynamically link ad-hoc communication.

    Sebastian Wedeniwski published the book “The Mobility Revolution in the Automotive Industry: How not to miss the digital turnpike” in different languages describing the impact of Internet of Things on global industries. His book provides guidelines for strategic development of critical new business competencies in the automotive industry.

    Before joining IBM Research & Development Laboratory Germany as chief IT architect for payment systems in banking environments in 1998 he managed and owned two software development companies.

    Sebastian Wedeniwski graduated (Associate’s Degree/Diploma) both in Mathematics (Cryptography) and Computing Science (Computational Mathematics) in 1997 and received his Doctorate Degree in Mathematics (Number Theory) from the University of Tübingen in 2001. Between 1998 and 2005 he set many mathematical computation world records and led the project ZetaGrid which was the first large distributed computation grid within IBM connecting 11,000 systems. In 1993 he was winner at the 12th German Nationwide Contest for Computing Science (BWINF).