International Maritime Summit in Turkey


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By 2023, Turkey aims to have one of the ten largest ports in the world and become one of Europe’s top ship exporting countries within the next decade, attributed to its increasingly modern and quality-certified shipyards. Consider Turkey’s surrounding coastline – Black Sea, Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts – and with the potential to have ports all along these, there is a huge window of opportunity currently to develop maritime infrastructure (7.200 km – 4.474 miles).

Turkey ranks amongst Europe’s top nations in terms of workmanship and expertise, and it possesses exceptional skill in producing ships with specialty requirements as, well as made-to-order niche yachts and ships. From 2012 to 2013 local industry exports increased by 43.5%, and there are great hopes and expectations for this year as the world’s commercial fleet and shipyard capacity surpluses trend downward (Turkish Exporters Assembly).

With Turkey’s geopolitical location over the transit corridor between Asia and Europe / Russia and MENA, the country is also expected to experience a boom within the logistics market, with Istanbul’s rail connection with Europe expected to be extended by an extra 14,000 kilometres in the next decade. Turkey’s new ports are expected to improve heavy transhipment traffic in the eastern part of the Mediterranean also.

The Turkish government agrees the shipbuilding industry is strategic both for military and logistic purposes, as it helps increase industrial capacity contribution, such as ability of manufacturing steel, paint, electric and electronic equipments; bringing additional incentives to the maritime industry.

International Maritime Summit

This year’s International Maritime Summit in Turkey will be a platform to discuss major developments in the Turkish Maritime Industry, and to hear both from local and international industry leaders regarding their plans, strategies and expectations. As well as your peers and business partners, you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with sector officials, investors, banks, ship owners, construction companies, manufacturers from Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, China and United States and other international locations interested in this market.

Key Topics:

  • Global Economic Overview
  • Turkey’s Ports Sector Update – Outlook, Drivers & Inhibitors
  • Investment Opportunities for Ports
  • Global Financing Trends (Bonds, Leasing, IPOs, Islamic Finance)
  • Shipbuilding, shipping renovations and technologies
  • Focus on Naval Vessels

Thank you for your interest in Worldwide Partnerships’ upcoming International Maritime Summit in Turkey.

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 Thank you for your interest in our upcoming International Maritime Summit in Turkey.

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 Thank you for your interest in our upcoming International Maritime Summit in Turkey.

This year’s summit will take place in Istanbul, Turkey. Venue will be announced shortly.

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